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What We Do

Build To Land and Expand. We bring our talented pool of AI Researchers and Software Engineers to help you build your cutting-edge AI startup. We bring a pool of succesful entrepreneurs – who have built and exited multiple startup / scale-ups to help you build a defensible startup.  


Our Approach

 Our methodology is based on 4 simple building blocks: AI Research, AI Engineering / MLOPs, AI softeware development and Startup Prep. You DO NEED TO HAVE AN EARLY STAGE PRODUCT OR PROTOTYPE that has gone through various iterations so we can help you scale fast.


Our Mission

We are subject matter experts when it comes to building AI startups. Our mission is to cut through the hype of AI and get you moving from your early stage product or MVP into a full fledged startup that can scale by on-boarding A+ class co-workers, early customers with realiable and sustainable products and solutions.


About RAVEN Labs

RAVEN Labs (Real AI Ventures) incubates it’s own AI research projects  as well as external incubated MVPs and prototypes into functioning startups that can scale.

Venture & Growth

We focus on venturing and growth for early stage startups by technically helping build a defensible AI startup that shines in cutting-edge research, engineering and software development. We believe in the focus on basics: great team, great product and good sales pipeline so you can grow your business. The rest will follow.

Advisory Services

Various late-stage startups, scale-ups and business ventures within large enterprises tend to get stuck in the analysis-paralysis and sunk-cost biases: we help them resolve these faster by defining the growth trajectory in the right direction. We call it “the march towards the production room“! We do this in form of audits, optimization (meaning: hands-on technical intervention) or valuation (startup or PPM inclusion so they can demonstrate their postive uptick to the DCF/EBITDA)


RAVEN Labs By the Numbers

Our numbers below include the founding teams experience helping startups, scaleup and large-enterprises ($20 – 50Bn revenues) to raise capital and develop in-house M&A funds upto 1$Bn for their AI ventures. Investments, companies include our own in-house ventures as well.

$M Invested

Companies Supported

Managed Funds

Years Of Experience

Energy AI Startup, Houston, TX

We are currently building this exciting startup venture that aims to automate all value streams within the energy industry. Our mission is to digitize, automate and accelerate upstream, downstream and cross-stream metrics for well owners, oil and gas (O & G) industry. This way they can have faster time-0to-market to value their assets, become ultra-eficient, increase production and keep positive profits.

Our differentiation is in our novel AI architectures (computer vision and NLP) that focus on transforming your tedious and mundane tasks such as paper logs or visual scenes into state-of-the-art, multi-platform (PAAS, IAAS or On-Premise) platform.

NLP Scale-up Venture

For an established scale-up with over $100M revenues, our team of Entrepreneurs , AI engineers and researchers provided solutions pertaining to model optimization, improving pipeline engineering techniques using some niche AI tools to novel algorithms deep reinforcement learning, multi-arm bandits and much more.

Global Telco AI Maturity

For a global telecom leader, our team provided both cutting-edge mentoring and technical training as well as business ideation services. Product ideas originated from this cohort had an estimated market value of over €2.5Bn.

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