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Energy Transition With AI

Climate change is impacting the biosphere dramatically. Ramp events such as increasing storm intensities, risk of flooding that are affecting our natural habitat dramatically. This also has a dramatic economic impact where insurers lose hundreds of billions of euros due to lack of real-time capability to forecast and predict such events. 

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Energy Transition with Climate AI. 100% Deep Learning.

Our project will conduct a thorough feasibility study to explore the benefit of AI and how it can mitigate the technical and economic risks by timely predicting such events.

This is a cross-cutting project that could potentially benefit at least three top sectors: agri-food, water, life sciences and health. By improving the understanding and forecasting of climate ramp events, entire communities in the Netherlands and the EU can better manage the agriculture industry, water infrastructure, and natural environment. Not to mention the well-being and sustainable development of their citizens.

ramp event predictions

Review current approaches for forecasting storms and floods to establish a baseline. This will allow for our real-time AI monitoring system to proactively advice insurers and homeowners of incurred damages.

wind Energy optimizer

Research feasibility for developing advanced meta-heuristic deep learning algorithm to do meta-forecasting providing real-time advice on “right use” of energy based on surplus/shortage.

economic impact study

Our research will also focus on the economic impact by engaging with relevant stakeholders (e.g. natural risks offices, environmental departments) as well as interested parties at private sectors (e.g. insurance companies, real estate brokers, energy companies).

We are the first generation to feel the effect of climate change and the last generation who can do something about it.

- Barack Obama, Former US President

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