Towards CO2 Neutral Future

The energy transition in Europe and the whole world is a pathway into an low-carbon and eventually a carbon neutral future. With our novel and ground-breaking AI tools we offer a sustainable path towards fossil-fuel free path with geothermal energy systems. With geothermal usage in the energy transition will be both seamless and economically attractive.

Conventional Source of Energy


The mission of PETAI is to bring Machine Learning to various Geophysical and Earth resource applications. Today a lot of research is being done to automation various tedious Geophysical task with machine learning. However, there is still a gap between geoscience and data science, in part, due to different curricula during training for each field and also industrial culture. Most industries rely on very complicated mathematics and algorithms for ages but that did not help then. PETAI brings novel ML architecture and techniques that can aid in this industry shift.

Our Services


Our novel SOTA (State of the Art) Architecture.


Seismic Facies Analysis

PETAI provides the power to visualize, interpret and identify features efficiently from manage seismic reservoir characterization projects easily and efficiently. Seamless visualization and interpretation functionality offers the ability to understand the reservoir complexity by automating the process.


Geothermal Energy

Exploration and development of geothermal energy targets that are usually located in hot, permeable reservoirs are often challenging to discover. Identifying Geothermal aquifers to generate geoelectric models. Calculation of geothermal parameters static formation temperature (SFT) in geothermal wells.

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