Towards CO2 Neutral Future

The energy transition in Europe and the whole world is a pathway into an low-carbon and eventually a carbon neutral future. With our novel and ground-breaking AI tools we offer a sustainable path towards fossil-fuel free path with geothermal energy systems. With geothermal usage in the energy transition will be both seamless and economically attractive.

Our Domain Expertise

Well Log

Tie your exploration, field development and production decisions to SOTA AI algorithm.
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The demand for renewable energy including carbon-neutral sources like sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves, and geothermal heat is increasing. Machine Learning and AI can improve productivity and overcome shortfalls.
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The AI Workbench for Energy

Research and Consultancy Service

Offer research and consultancy service. We provide subject matter expertise in implementing AI and MLOps in upstream, midstream and downstream Oil and Gas services.  

SOTA architectures for Enterprise data

Our Research and development team builds SOTA architectures for enterprise data. They also provide insights into huge data. Also builds efficient pipelines to manage huge data influx.

Outsource MLOps Platform

We outsource MLOps platform to support integration and deployment of custom-made algorithms into existing enterprise architecture.

Easy to use UI/UX

Easy to use UI/UX for analyzing and visualizing data, training models and reporting. The UI/UX can be customizable too.



Algorithm development

The Energy industry is currently suffering an unprecedented downturn, but the companies that will emerge the strongest during these times are the ones who adopt innovative technologies to promote growth. These companies are now embracing technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence to optimize operations and to predict the likelihood of catastrophic or downtime-related events. What if you had the ability to predict events like kicks or a blowout long before they occur?

Data Pipeline

PETAI Services provide both custom Machine Learning pipeline and analytics-as-a-service offerings to help you gain control of your data environment and start driving actionable solutions. This includes the development of a strategy, the flexibility to select winning models from tests and easily deploy them. Blueprints and roadmaps, along with the engineering and operational requirements to help you maximize your data investment. Our end-to-end services, delivered with industry-specific expertise and processes, help make your data simpler to understand and empower data-driven intelligent workflows.

Predictive Modelling/ Analysis

Through a multiuser, cross-domain environment, PETAI promotes collaboration between team members. PETAI provides interpretation support in predictive maintenance, asset defect recognition and equipment maintenance.. This enables you to leverage data and lessons learned from offset wells to improve drilling efficiency and identify potential hazards.

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