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EFRO and SNN Sponsored Project 2020 – 2021

Our mission is to build practical AI so healthcare professionals can apply them effortlessly into their existing systems. 

Our goal is to provide AI solutions by implementing our cutting-edge algorithms, tools and technologies. We also publish our research and present at leading conferences regularly but our differentiation is primarily in applying it directly into healthcare production systems.


Cutting-Edge AI Algorithms

We bring our winning algorithms as well build custom algorithms based on state-of-the-art research.


Winning AI Models

We ensure that model validation and development happens as per industry production standards.


Diagnostic Tools

We develop tools and prototypes such that you can use these tools directly in hospitals and clinics.


Healthcare Staff Trainings

We provide professional trainings to the medical staff so our AI is no more a black box but an accepted reality.


Research Services

We work together with your doctors and researchers to conduct and share scientific research with your peers.



Finally, we develop and deploy a robust, reliable and production-ready solution inside your existing system.

Our Showcase Projects

eal AI is developing groundbreaking solutions and products in the field of healthcare industry. 

To accelerate adoption within healthcare enterprises, we strive to develop a multi-functional dashboard with over a dozen pathologies to aid healthcare professionals to tap into our services as and when they need them.


European Union / SNN Sponsored AI project to develop a cutting-edge prototype to do automated, reliable and timely breast cancer detection. 


European Union / SNN Sponsored AI project to develop a cutting-edge prototype for dental care in detecting lesions and other pathologies.


Upcoming research project to detect various forms of skin lesion detection using AI-based image classification algorithms to help dermatologists.

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