About DentAI (Codenamed: MENO)

With the support of the Dutch EFRO (European Regional Development Fund) and SNN (Northern Netherlands Alliance) / VIA (Accelerated Innovation), Real AI B.V. has set out to do a dental images detection project. DentAI is our cutting edge healthcare AI project in collaboration partnership with a dental lab. The goal of this project is to develop a working POC ( proof of concept) so that it can be tested and validated against dental images.


Project Description

Dental radiography analysis plays a very important role in clinical diagnosis, treatment and surgery, as radiographs can detect hidden tooth structures, malignant or benign masses, bone loss and cavities. Unfortunately for dentists, there are no affordable and reliable solutions on the market that allow timely intervention at the tooth and patient level.

Our goal is to develop a software-based prototype based on dental images. With this VIA project, we first aim to develop a working POC (proof of concept) that will demonstrate the technical working principles of detecting and diagnosing dental diseases using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and models. This will be done by developing a deep-learning-based AI prediction model and a POC (proof of concept) to detect and localize diseases on panoramic dental radiographs.


collect, understand and process data

In this phase we collected relevant dental data, after pre-processing and performing thorough data exploration analysis on the pre-processed data (EDA), we developed a dataset.

model choices and development

Here we conducted a thorough research-driven analysis on the available AI platforms, most appropriate AI Algorithms, most optimal model choices and finally the best-in-class AI model and algorithm development strategy and planning.

optimize and deploy ai model

Here we optimised the AI model with latest and cutting-edge segmentation techniques to optimize . We also deploy some of our own toolkit to further enhance the model performance.

develop prototype

Within this VIA project, we will demonstrate the software code for the working principles of of the software prototype to be developed (proof-of-concept software).

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