ℝeal AI

eal AI develops groundbreaking solutions and products for various industry verticals such as healthcare, energy, environment, education, banking and services industry. 

To accelerate adoption within enterprises, we strive to simplify AI so our clients can assess their data assets, transform them with AI and grow.


How we work with our clients

eal AI develops products and solutions for its clients in both research and commercial domains.


Our approach is output driven. We analyse your data assets, quickly transform them into viable AI solutions and products and focus on building defensible business propositions for sustainable growth.

How It Works

This is simple three-step process of understanding your data assets where we compare your data quality, robustness and validate it with our methodology. Next, we focus on assets that can transform into viable AI solutions and products with the use of right algorithms and AI models. Finally, we develop a robust AIOps so you can manage growth and sustain lead in your markets.

Our ai Services

Assess. Transform. Grow.

Assess your data assets, transform into AI solutions and sustain lead with managed AI Operations.

Data Analysis


Understand Your Data Assets

Your data is your unutilized asset. We conduct through analysis of your structured and unstructured data streams and provide you with a realistic and viable roadmap towards AI transformation.

Transform with AI


Transform into AI Solutions

Picking up data assets that are ripe for AI transformation, we use our ground-breaking machine learning algorithms, models and tools to develop champion solutions and products for the AI economy.



Sustain Growth with AIOps

Managing your transformed data assets is paramount in maintaining lead in your industry vertical. We provide robust and reliable AI Operation pipeline to help you stay on track.

Our portfolio projects

Transforming Industries

We constantly incubate various projects to transform industry verticals with transformative, explainable and impactful AI. We have already carried out EU funded projects in Healthcare, ClimateAI and are launching a series of new ground-breaking projects in other industry verticals.


project labos

Jobs, Skills and HR Analytics

10s of millions are flooding the freelance market and many millions more will add as market continues to shed jobs. Project LABOS is aimed to help both job seekers and employers with advanced but human-centric AI analytics that measure skilled worker movement, predict sick leaves, reports skills evolution and much more.


project jua

Solar Efficiency – A CAELI Project 

Solar photovoltaic (PV) energy production is a rapidly growing industry worldwide to power the world with a carbon neutral and even carbon negative future. This project proposes AI based efficient methods to identify losses in power production for a sustainable solar industry’s growth.

project kilimo

Agriculture AI – Smart Farming

Farmer are today the most affected by climate change and use of smart farming techniques such as precision farming is bound to revolutionize farming while keeping farmers in control with Insight generation, disease detection, field management, crop monitoring using all AI and deep learning based techniques.


project tabella

Document Intelligence with Ai

Project Tabella is a new project where we want to bring documentation intelligence with AI. We aim to conduct ground-breaking research and develop a universal document intelligence from extraction, layout to intelligent processing for various industry verticals.


project petai

Ai For Energy Transition

Energy transition is a critical path towards clean energy. Our upcoming project PETAI aims to fill the gap with our ground-breaking new AI algorithm that can help energy companies move towards a carbon-neutral future.

project caeli

Climate Ai For Carbon Neutral

The variable nature of climate sources such as wind and solar makes it hard to predict how much energy we can produce, consume and trade with. Our upcoming Climate AI research intends to provide real-time meta forecast solutions that will help home owners, insurers and energy companies. 


project hominis (E²AI)

Explainable and Ethical Ai

A human centric, bias-free multi-verse model that frees the path for current and future generations by debiasing human history with artificial intelligence. Project Hominis aims to develop a multi-verse meta model to allow for current and future generations to participate in a trustworthy and equitable society .


project depressio

Solving Depression with Ai

To Understand depression better we have recently launched our internal coding challenge called depressio. Our main goal in this research project will be to conduct a thorough research and develop tools to understand and remediate depression.

project whoosh

Seamless Shop with Efficient Ai  

Ai research project that aims to develop a conversational chatbot that helps you find your shopping items in a record time. The research project will focus on computer vision and NLP and provide intuitive means to help serve consumers with fast and efficient AI.

reads – our ai design studio

Designing future of work with Ai

We wish to simplify Ai so everyone can use it. With our Real Ai Design Studio (READS), we intend to do by bringing managers, creatives, engineers and researchers together so they can build productivity applications with human-centric AI.


Ai For Education

Online training platforms or MOOCs have gained popularity in recent years due to pressing need to acquire emerging skills such as machine learning and deep learning. Yet the gap between Real AI experts and beginners in growing rapidly. LiveAi is our European initiative to bridge this gap with our unique blended learning model.


Ai Marketplace for Freelancers

Skills gap for innovative technologies is increasing rapidly. Flex economy is growing rapidly and this makes it difficult for enterprises to find the right professionals with right skills at the right time for the right price. RealBrain is our new initiative that will address this gap.

AI Resources, Forms, Starters Kit & More

What services does Real AI provide?

Our goal is to simplify AI so it can be adopted within enterprises seamlessly. We conduct Workshops,  provide hands-on AI Trainings for executives and engineers and run full-scale AI Engineering Projects. Contact us for more details.

Where can I see the impact of AI for my company and how do I get my management on board of AI transformation projects?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the most innovative force since the invention of electricity in the late 1800s that is set to transform practically all known industries. Yet it is extremely hard to get a grasp on it leave alone convincing management to believe and invest in this disruptive yet transformative technology. Through our unique HDWA methodology we help executives and engineers map all viable AI projects together. Contact us for more details at contact@realai.eu

Where can I see the impact of AI for my company and how do I get my management on board of AI transformation projects?

Our approach revolves around engineering advise for Machine Learning / Deep Learning solutions and they are very industry-agnostic. So far we have advised CxOs and engineering teams in Healthcare, Telecom, Manufacturing and Education Sector. Contact us for more details at contact@realai.eu

How can I get my engineering teams trained in AI?

We create custom-built yet comprehensive training programs for your engineering teams based on your needs. Trainings can vary between one week to several weeks program depending on your choice. We bring our latest research into your enterprise so your engineers can work with cutting edge yet proven models and algorithms. For more information contact us at contact@realai.eu

How can we partner/collaborate with Real AI?

Yes, we are open for win-win collaboration opportunities. Do reach out to us at contact@realai.eu


Get In Touch

We are currently building new AI Projects in Finance, Banking, Telecom, HR. Do get in touch if you wish to build ground-breaking AI solutions in your markets with eal AI.