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Solidify and expand your AI capabilities with our comprehensive sustain/grow services. Whether refining your existing AI strategies or scaling them enterprise-wide, we provide the expertise and infrastructure to ensure consistent, multiplied successes throughout your organization.

Data Mastery

In-depth transformation services

Turning your data assets into powerful AI solutions

Data Management

Optimizing BYOD: Seamless Integration, Analysis, and Dataset Handling

Model Development

Crafting Custom Solutions: From Data Insights to Actionable AI.

Model Deployment

Seamlessly Transitioning Models to Real-World, Data-Driven Decisions.

our process

The Swift Path to Understanding Your Data

Your Roadmap to AI, Delivered Faster


Data Management

Managing and analyzing data for deeper insight creation


Model Development

Train, evaluate AI models; explain ability, interpretability; incorporate feedback



Deploying scalable AI solutions with strategic technology integration.

Methodology and tools

Cutting-Edge Tools Accelerate Your Assessment

The Right Tech for Swift, Accurate Insights


In-house MLOps tool provides modular packages flexible in tech stack. Un-restricted design in work packages


In-house MLOps tool provides compact and efficient model while retaining or even improving its predictive performance.


Enable scaling in AI applications using third party tools docker and k8s etc


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A comprehensive well correlation analysis is necessary to understand the subsurface picture of fracture, bedding planes and vug connectivity. Having experienced EarthScan's solution on Well-correlation, it's clear that their end-to-end MLOPS framework will boost companies' operational speed remarkably, making them an industry frontrunner.

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Dr. Nader Mosavat

Director Muscat University

Due to variation in lithology in wide range of depositional environments a customized deep learning model of well-correlation is essential for scalability. EarthScan's robust, high-precision algorithms are primed to provide transformative insights for businesses, opening new horizons in the oil and gas industry.

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Dr. Paresh S Roy

Professor IIT Kharagpur

EarthScan's Well correlation model will be a prerequisite to directional drilling. Its groundbreaking scanning technology promises to enable accurate location of sea-based oil deposits in less time than ever before. It's the future of offshore exploration.

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Dr. Edwin Porte

Ex-Shell Manager, Founder of Troyka Innovations

EarthScan's platform is a breakthrough in AI-driven technology, revolutionizing industries with its precision and efficiency, especially in oil and gas exploration. By expediting the location of oil deposits and boosting operational speed, it offers a new industry standard. With advanced visualization tools and robust algorithms, it heightens productivity, provides transformative insights, and ensures rapid decision-making. An indispensable tool for businesses, EarthScan is the future of efficiency and discovery.

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Anmol Vishwakarma

Exxon Mobil

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